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Training was part of LINKAGES' comprehensive approach to bring about positive changes in infant and young child feeding practices. LINKAGES training modules contain information and activities on key content areas and skills related to infant and young child feeding.

LINKAGES and its local partners developed eight generic and regional modules. The table below provides an overview of each training module. Detailed one-page descriptions of each training module that provide information on the audience, purpose, content (both technical and skills), methodology, structure, materials and tools, time needed, languages available, country applications, and date developed are also available. To review one of the detailed descriptions, and download a copy of the module, click on the title of the training module below.

Title/Topic Audience Purpose Time Language
Behavior Change Communication for Improved Infant Feeding Trainers - Health care personnel and program staff Train trainers in behavior change communication skills (negotiation, experiential learning cycle, participatory group talks), training techniques, and infant feeding. Includes practice training using community module and action planning exercises. 11 days English
Formative Research for Infant Feeding Programs Program staff Prepare participants to conduct formative research (trials of improved practices, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions) and to use effective communication skills to plan and improve programs. 5 days English
Training of Trainers for Mother-to-Mother Support Groups Trainers - Health care personnel and technical staff of PVOs/NGOs Prepare participants to train health care providers/community health volunteers to organize and facilitate mother-to-mother support groups on infant feeding. 10 days


LAM: A Postpartum Contraceptive Method for Women Who Breastfeed Trainers - health and family planning service providers and program staff Train health care personnel and community health workers to provide LAM within their child health, reproductive health, or family planning services. 1.5-2 days English
Integrated Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Support for Infant Feeding Health providers Provide participants with a basic understanding of HIV and AIDS facts and prevention, mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV, current MTCT risk reduction interventions, infant feeding in the context of HIV, and nutritional recommendations for pregnant women and new mothers in areas affected by HIV and AIDS. 12 days English
Community motivators 6 days
Using the Essential Nutrition Actions to Improve the Nutrition of Infants, Young Children and Women Program Managers and Pre-service Instructors Prepare program managers and pre-service instructors to train service providers in an action-oriented approach to improve the nutrition of infants, young children and women. Focus is placed on the operational strategy to promote seven proven nutrition actions (breastfeeding, complementary feeding, feeding of the sick child, women’s nutrition, control of anemia, control of vitamin A deficiency, and control of iodine deficiency disorders) at six key life cycle contact points utilizing facility based and community based structures in the health sector, as well as non-health sector contact points. 4 days English
Women’s Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle and in the Context of HIV and AIDS Trainers/Facilitators - Health care personnel and program staff Prepare health care personnel and program staff facilitators/trainers who will train health workers how to apply the knowledge and skills in negotiation and interpersonal communication to help mothers and caregivers care for their own nutritional needs and feed their infants and young children optimally. 20 hours technical content and 10 hours skill-practice English
Training Methodologies and Principles of Adult Learning: Application for Training in Infant and Young Child Nutrition and Related Topics
Trainers/Facilitators with previous training in related topics Strengthen the capacity of facilitators/trainers to plan, organize, and conduct training of health care workers who implement programs in infant and young child feeding, essential nutrition actions, the lactational amenorrhea method, and/or prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. 10 hours technical content and 18 hours practice English